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The Lathe of St Augustine is one of the five Lathes of Kent, encompassing the easternmost parts of the county, including Canterbury, Dover and Thanet.

St Augustine was not one of the original lathes and did not exist at the time of the Domesday Book. By 1295 the lathe of St Augustine was in existence formed by the merger of the lathes of Borough and Eastry.[1] These lathes were spelled Borowart and Estrei in the Domesday Book.[2]

The lathe is bordered on the west by the Lathe of Scray; and on the south by the Lathe of Shepway.

The Lathe of St Augustine contains the following Hundreds:[3]

  • Whitstable (with the Liberty of Seasalter)
  • Westgate (with the City of Canterbury)
  • Blengate
  • Preston
  • Wingham
  • Downhamford
  • Kinghamford
  • Bewsborough (with the Town of Dover)
  • Corniloe
  • Eastry (with the Town of Sandwich)
  • Ringslow

Within its bounds are included some of the Cinque Ports and their limbs, including Deal, Dover and Sandwich.

The Lathe of St Augustine has an area of 166,760 acres.[4]


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