Lathe of Aylesford

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The Lathe of Aylesford is one of the five Lathes of Kent. It is in the western part of the county of Kent, and contains 13 hundreds.

The Lathe is bounded on the north by the River Thames, on the west by the Lathe of Sutton at Hone, on the south by the boundary with Sussex and on the east by the Lathe of Scray. It is the second largest lathe in extent, and embraces an area of 233,580 acres. It was once reckoned to have the highest population amongst the five lathes, but it has long since been exceeded in this by Sutton at Hone, which includes the metropolitan parts in the north-west of the county.

The main towns are Chatham, Rochester and the conglomerate of towns around them, and Maidstone.

The Lathe of Aylesford consists of the following hundreds: