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M621 junction 4 sliproad at Hunslet

The M621 is a short loop of motorway in Yorkshire that takes traffic into central Leeds between the M1 and M62 motorways.


The first section of the M621 to open, known at the time as the 'South West Urban Motorway', extends from the M62 to Junction 3 in central Leeds where it used to terminate at a roundabout which was also the terminus of the M1 motorway. This section opened in stages, from the M62 to Junction 1 in 1971, and from Junction 1 to Junction 3 in 1973.[1]

When the M1 was diverted away from Leeds when the 'M1 – A1 Lofthouse to Bramham' extension opened in 1999[2] adjustments were made to Junction 3 and the Leeds section of the M1 was re-designated as M621 (Junctions 3–7).[1]


M621 motorway junctions
Eastbound exits Junction Westbound exits Coordinates
Start of motorway M62, J27 Manchester, Bradford, Liverpool M62
Batley, Dewsbury A62
53°44’49"N, 1°38’44"W
Farnley, White Rose Centre A6110 J1 Farnley, White Rose Centre A6110 53°46’31"N, 1°34’55"W
Armley, Elland Road A643 J2 Armley, Elland Road A643 53°46’48"N, 1°34’6"W
No access J2a Holbeck 53°47’0"N, 1°33’19"W
City Centre A653 J3 City Centre A653 53°47’5"N, 1°32’49"W
Hunslet (A61) J4 Hunslet (A61) 53°46’51"N, 1°32’21"W
No access J5 Beeston 53°46’29"N, 1°32’24"W
Belle Isle, Middleton J6 No access 53°46’14"N, 1°32’3"W
Stourton (M1 North, A1) A639 J7 Stourton, Leeds (East) A639 53°46’3"N, 1°30’52"W
The South, London, Wakefield M1 M1, J43 Start of motorway 53°45’7"N, 1°30’59"W



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