Diocese of Carlisle

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Diocese of Carlisle
Church of England
Province: York
Arms of the Bishop of Carlisle
Carlisle Cathedral Exterior, Cumbria, UK - Diliff.jpg

Carlisle Cathedral, Cumberland
Bishop: James Newcome
signs as: Carlisle
Cathedral: Carlisle Cathedral
Archdeaconries: Carlisle,
West Cumberland,
Westmorland and Furness
No. of parishes: 267
No. of churches: 349
Website: carlislediocese.org.uk

The Diocese of Carlisle is a Church of England diocese in the Province of York. This is a moorland diocese, encompassing Cumberland and Westmorland, Lancashire North of the Sands and also Sedbergh in the West Riding of Yorkshire (which was annexed when its Diocese of Bradford was dissolved in 2014).

The diocese originally only covered the northern parts of Cumberland and Westmorland, while the Diocese of Chester included the southern parts and all of Lancashire. In 1847 however the Chester bishopric was broken up in order to created a new Diocese of Manchester (and later came the Diocese of Blackburn in central Lancashire) and at this point Carlisle was given responsibility for the whole of Cumberland and Westmorlsand, and for Lancashire North of the Sands.


The diocese was created in 1133 by King Henry I out of part of the Diocese of Durham, although many of the people of Cumberland yet looked to Glasgow for spiritual leadership.

The first bishop was Æthelwold, he was the king's confessor and became prior of the Augustinian priory at Nostell in Yorkshire. Carlisle was thus the only cathedral in England to be run by Augustinians instead of Benedictines. This only lasted until the reign of Henry III however, when the Augustinians in Carlisle joined the rebels who temporarily handed the city over to Scotland and elected their own bishop. When the revolt was ended, the Augustinians were expelled.


The seat of the diocese is the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in Carlisle, known as Carlisle Cathedral.


Alongside the diocesan Bishop of Carlisle, the Diocese has one suffragan bishop, the Bishop of Penrith.

The diocese is divided into three archdeaconries, each divided into a number of deaneries.

Diocese Archdeaconries Deaneries
Diocese of Carlisle Archdeaconry of Carlisle Deanery of Carlisle
Deanery of Appleby
Deanery of Brampton
Deanery of Penrith
Archdeaconry of West Cumberland Deanery of Calder
Deanery of Derwent
Deanery of Solway
Archdeaconry of Westmorland and Furness Deanery of Barrow
Deanery of Furness
Deanery of Kendal
Deanery of Windermere

From 1889 to 1939, the diocese had one suffragan bishop, the Bishop of Barrow-in-Furness, and from 1939 until 1944, two suffragans bishops (Penrith and Barrow), before the position of Bishop of Barrow went into the abeyance, in which it remains to date.


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