Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe

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Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe
Church of England
Province: Canterbury
Arms of the Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.jpg

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar
Bishop: Robert Innes
Cathedral: Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar
Archdeaconries: Eastern,
Germany and Northern Europe,
Italy and Malta,
Northwest Europe,
No. of churches: 317
Website: europe.anglican.org

The Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe, also called simply the Diocese in Europe, is geographically the largest diocese of the Church of England and arguably the largest diocese in the Anglican Communion, covering some one-sixth of the Earth's landmass, including Gibraltar and all Europe, Morocco, Iceland, Turkey and the territory of the former Soviet Union. It is part of the Province of Canterbury.

The cathedral is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar.

The Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe is assisted by the Suffragan Bishop in Europe. Although the Cathedral is in Gibraltar and there the Bishop is enthroned, the Bishop's residence far from his seat: until 2014 he dwelt at Bishop's Lodge in Worth in Sussex, so as to place him close to Gatwick Airport (just to the north in Surrey) for ease of travel across Europe. In 2014 the bishop was displaced to live in Brussels in Belgium, while the diocesan offices were moved to London.

There are two pro-cathedrals for the diocese; St Paul's Cathedral in Valletta, Malta, and the Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Brussels, Belgium.

History and organisation

The Diocese of Gibraltar was created on 29 September 1842[1][2] and at that time covered all Anglican chaplaincies from Portugal to the Caspian Sea. On 30 June 1980,[3] the diocese was amalgamated with the Jurisdiction of North and Central Europe (exercised by the Bishop of London) and renamed the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe.

The Diocese is divided into seven archdeaconries:

A map showing the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe. Archdeaconries are colour-coded.
  • Eastern Archdeaconry, covering Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. The archdeacon is based in Vienna, assisted by two area deans, one in Athens, Greece and one in Moscow, Russia.
  • Archdeaconry of France (including Monaco). The archdeacon is based in Nice.
  • Archdeaconry of Gibraltar, consisting of: Gibraltar, Andorra, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain. The archdeacon is based in Fuengirola, Spain.
  • Archdeaconry of Germany and Northern Europe, consisting of: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden. The archdeacon is based in Copenhagen and has served since 2010. He is assisted by two area deans.
  • Archdeaconry of Italy and Malta. The archdeacon is based in Rome.
  • Archdeaconry of Northwest Europe, consisting of: Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The archdeacon is based in Utrecht in the Netherlands.
  • Archdeaconry of Switzerland. The archdeacon is based in Bern.

Bishops of Gibraltar in Europe

The bishop's official residence was formerly in Gibraltar, but today in Brussels, in Belgium.

Bishops of Gibraltar
From Until Incumbent Notes
1842 1863 George Tomlinson Co-founded the 'Cambridge Apostles'
1863 1868 Walter Trower
1868 1873 Charles Harris Resigned due to ill health, October 1873
1874 1903 Charles Sandford Died in office
1904 1911 William Collins Died in office
1911 1920 Henry Knight Died in office
1921 1927 John Greig Translated to Guildford 1927
1927 1933 Frederick Hicks Translated to Lincoln 1932
1933 1946 Harold Buxton Retired, 1947
1947 1953 Cecil Horsley Died in office
1954 1960 Frederick Craske Retired 1959
1960 1970 Stanley Eley Retired 1970
1970 1980 John Satterthwaite Bishopric became "Gibraltar in Europe"
Bishops of Gibraltar in Europe
1980 1993 John Satterthwaite Retired 1993
1993 20001 John Hind Translated to Chichester
2001 2013 Geoffrey Rowell Retired 8 November 2013.[4]
2014 present Robert Innes
Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Brussels

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