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Harthill Wapentake shown within the East Riding and Yorkshire

Harthill is a wapentake of the East Riding of Yorkshire consisting of the central part of the riding. Because of its large area it is sub-divided into four divisions—Bainton Beacon Division, Holme Beacon Division, Hunsley Beacon Division and Wilton Beacon Division. As a result of of its central position, Harthill has borders with every other wapentake in the East Riding: Buckrose and Dickering to the north, Holderness to the east, Howdenshire to the south-west and Ouse and Derwent to the west. Including the western parts of the city of Hull, it had a population of 313,729 in 2011, making it the most populous wapentake in the East Riding.

It comprises the ancient parishes of:

*: Remainder in Howdenshire. Additionally, some areas are said to be common to Harthill and Howdenshire.
: In Ouse and Derwent wapentake.
: Partly in Howdenshire.


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