Diocese of Tuam, Killala and Achonry

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Diocese of Tuam, Killala and Achonry
Church of Ireland
Province: Armagh
Arms of the Bishop of Tuam, Killala and Achonry

St Mary's Cathedral, Tuam
Bishop: Patrick Rooke
Cathedral: St Mary's Cathedral, Tuam
St Patrick's Cathedral, Killala

The Diocese of Tuam, Killala and Achonry (also known as the United Dioceses of Tuam, Killala and Achonry) is a diocese in the Church of Ireland, serving much of Connaught, the western province of Ireland. It is in the ecclesiastical province of Armagh.

The diocese covers County Mayo and part of the counties of Galway and Sligo.


On 13 April 1834, the diocese of Killala and Achonry was united to the Diocese of Tuam, which was at that time the seat of an archbishop. On the death of Archbishop Trench of Tuam in 1839, the Province of Tuam was united to the Province of Armagh and the title ‘Archbishop of Tuam’ was abolished. The newly appointed diocesan bishop, Thomas Plunket became the first Bishop of Tuam, Killala and Achonry.[1]


The bishop has two cathedras:

St. Crumnathy's Cathedral in Achonry was deconsecrated in 1998 and is now used for ecumenical events.[3]


The present diocese is divided into unions (or groups) of parishes.[4]

Achonry Union:

Aughaval Group:

  • Holy Trinity Church, Achill Sound
  • Christ Church, Castlebar
  • St. Thomas' Church, Dugort
  • St. Thomas' Church, Knappagh
  • Turlough Church
  • Holy Trinity Church, Westport

Ballisodare Union:

  • Holy Trinity Church, Ballisodare
  • St. Paul's Church, Colloney
  • Ballymote, Emlaghfad

Galway & Kilcummin:

Killala Union:

Kilmoremoy Union:

Omey Union:

  • Christ Church, Clifden
  • Holy Trinity Church, Errislannan
  • St. Thomas' Church, Moyard
  • St. Mary's Church, Roundstone

Skreen Union:

  • Christ Church, Dromard
  • St. Mary's Church, Kilmacshalgan
  • Skreen Church

Tuam Union:


The diocesan bishop is the ‘Bishop of Tuam, Killala and Achonry'. The present incumbent is the Right Reverend Patrick Rooke.

Following the retirement in January 2011 of the Right Reverend Richard Henderson, it was proposed that no successor be elected immediately, so as to give a committee time to consider the future of the diocese; this proposal was, however, defeated on 5 March 2011 at a special meeting of the Church of Ireland General Synod called to consider the suggestion.[5][6] A successor was accordingly elected.

List of bishops

Bishops of Tuam, Killala and Achonry
From Until Incumbent Notes
1839 1866 Thomas Plunket Nominated 5 April 1839; consecrated 14 April 1839; also became 2nd Baron Plunket in 1854; died 19 October 1866
1867 1890 Charles Bernard Appointed by letters patent 30 November 1866; consecrated 30 January 1867; died 31 January 1890
1890 1913 James O'Sullivan Elected 14 April 1890; consecrated 15 May 1890; resigned February 1913; died 10 January 1915
1913 1919 Benjamin Plunket Elected 13 April 1913; consecrated 10 May 1913; translated to Meath 15 October 1919
1920 1923 Arthur Edwin Ross Elected 15 January 1920; consecrated 24 February 1920; died 24 May 1924
1923 1927 John Orr Elected 18 July 1923; consecrated 6 August 1923; translated to Meath 15 November 1927
1928 1931 John Harden Elected 15 November 1927; consecrated 6 January 1928; died 2 October 1931
1932 1938 William Hardy Holmes Elected 15 December 1931; consecrated 2 February 1932; translated to Meath 19 October 1938
1939 1957 John Crozier Elected 23 November 1938; consecrated 2 February 1939; resigned 31 December 1957; died 1966
1958 1969 Arthur Butler Elected 9 April 1958; consecrated 27 May 1958; translated to Connor 14 October 1969
1970 1985 John Duggan Elected 27 November 1970; consecrated 2 February 1970; resigned 1985; died 20 July 2000
1986 1997 John Neill Elected 6 January 1986; consecrated January 1986; translated to Cashel and Ossory 23 April 1997
1998 2011 Richard Henderson Elected 21 November 1997;[7] consecrated 2 February 1998.[8] Resigned to return to parish ministry in the Church of England.[9]
2011 present Patrick William Rooke Elected by the House of Bishops 13 April 2011; consecrated 9 September 2011.[10]


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