Diocese of Derry and Raphoe

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Diocese of Derry and Raphoe
Church of Ireland
Province: Armagh
Arms of the Bishop of Derry and Raphoe

St Columb's Cathedral in Londonderry
Bishop: Kenneth Good
Website: derry.anglican.org

The Diocese of Derry and Raphoe is a diocese of the Church of Ireland, within the Province of Armagh. The diocese extends over two counties: County Londonderry (in the United Kingdom) and County Donegal (in the Republic of Ireland).


From the Reformation (and indeed before it) Derry and Raphoe were two separate dioceses. In the reorganisation of the Church of Ireland though, a number of dioceses were amalgamated, in view of declining population. Derry and Raphoe were united in 1834 as the Diocese of Derry and Raphoe,[1] and it is for this reason that the united diocese has two cathedrals.


  • The Cathedral Church of St Columb, Londonderry
  • The Cathedral Church of St Eunan, Raphoe, County Donegal


The current Bishop is the Right Reverend Kenneth (Ken) Good, who was consecrated on 11 June 2002.

The list of bishops begins with the creation of the united diocese in 1834.[1]

Bishops of Derry and Raphoe
From Until Incumbent Notes
1834 1853 Richard Ponsonby Appointed Bishop of Derry in 1831, and became Bishop of Derry and Raphoe when the two dioceses united on 5 September 1834. Died in office on 27 October 1853.
1853 1867 William Higgin Translated from Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe. Nominated on 18 November 1853 and appointed by letters patent on 7 December 1853. Died in office on 12 July 1867.
1867 1896 William Alexander Nominated on 27 July and consecrated on 6 October 1867. Translated to Armagh on 25 February 1896.
1896 1916 George Chadwick Elected on 18 February and consecrated on 25 March 1896. Resigned on 31 January 1916 and died on 27 February 1923.
1916 1944 Joseph Peacocke Elected on 15 March and consecrated on 25 April 1916. Resigned on 31 December 1944 and died on 31 January 1962.
1945 1958 Robert McNeil Boyd Translated from Killaloe and Clonfert. Elected on 18 March and confirmed on 20 March 1945. Died in office on 1 July 1958.
1958 1969 Charles Tyndall Translated from Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh. Elected and confirmed on 14 October 1958. Resigned on 30 September 1969 and died on 3 April 1971.
1970 1975 Cuthbert Peacocke Formerly Dean of Belfast. Elected on 16 October 1969 and consecrated on 6 January 1970. Resigned on 31 March 1975 and died on 6 April 1994.
1975 1980 Robin Eames Elected on 9 May and consecrated on 9 June 1975. Translated to Down and Dromore in 1980, and subsequently to Armagh in 1986.
1980 2002 James Mehaffey Elected on 27 June and consecrated on 7 September 1980. Resigned on 31 January 2002.
2002 present Ken Good Elected on 13 March and consecrated on 11 June 2002.

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