West Goscote Hundred

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West Goscote Hundred in Leicestershire

West Goscote is one of the hundreds of Leicestershire, located in the west of the county, adjacent to the borders with Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. It is bounded to the north by Derbyshire; to the north-east by Nottinghamshire; to the east by East Goscote Hundred; to the south-east by Gartree Hundred; to the south by Sparkenhoe; and to the west by Staffordshire. If those detached parts of Derbyshire, locally situated in West Goscote, are included, there is an additional border with Warwickshire to the south-west. It had a population of 221,209 in 2011, rising to 230,558 if detached parts are disregarded.

It comprises the following ancient parishes:

*: Remainder in East Goscote hundred.
: Remainder in Derbyshire.

Additionally, Appleby, Clifton Campville, Gresley, Measham, Stretton en le Field and Willesley form detached parts of Derbyshire locally situated in West Goscote.

Hundreds of Leicestershire

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