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Fife Ness Lighthouse


Fife Ness Lighthouse - - 937536.jpg
Fife Ness Light, August 2008
Location: Fife Ness, Crail, Fife
Location: 56°16’44"N, 2°35’9"W
Height: 16 ft 6 in
Tower shape: lantern attached to 1-storey building
Tower marking: white building
Light: Iso WR 10s.
Focal height: 39 ft 6 in
Range: white: 21 nmi
red: 20 nmi
Light source: mains power
Admiralty No.: A3102
Built 1975

Fife Ness is a headland forming the most eastern point of mainland Fife. Anciently the area was called Muck Ross, which is a corruption of the Scottish Gaelic Muc-Rois meaning "Headland of the Pigs".[1] It is situated in the area of Fife known as the East Neuk, and forms the muzzle of the dog-like outline of the latter when viewed on a map. Ness is an archaic Norse word meaning "nose"),

Fife Ness was [2] home to a Coastguard station and an important Northern Lighthouse Board lighthouse built in 1975 on project by P. H. Hyslop, warning shipping of the headland and the North Carr shoals. The lighthouse was built to replace the last in a series of lightvessels that guarded the treacherous rocks, as it had proved impossible to build a permanent lighthouse on the rocks themselves.

Fife Ness is also surrounded by the links terrain of Crail Golfing Society.


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  2. until late 2012 - see after considerable controversy along with other similar stations

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