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The Hundred of Copthorne in Surrey

Copthorne is a hundred of Surrey, in the centre of the county. It is bordered by Kingston Hundred to the north; by Wallington Hundred to the east; by Reigate Hundred to the south-east; by Wotton Hundred to the sourth-west; be Effingham Half-Hundred to the west; and by Elmbridge to the north-west. A detached part comprising part of Newdigate lies adjacent to Sussex, between Wotton and Reigate hundreds. Copthorne hundred had a population of 166,416 in 2011.

The following ancient parishes constitute the hundred:

*: Partly in Reigate hundred.

The Domesday Book lists in the Copthorne Hundred the manors of Ashtead, Burgh, Cuddington, Epsom, Ewell, Fetcham, Headley, Leatherhead, Mickleham, Pachevesham (within Leatherhead parish), Tadworth, Thorncroft and Walton-on-the-Hill.[1]

In the Domesday Book, the settlements of Ashtead, Fetcham and Mickleham were included in the Wallington Hundred, which the line of county historians cited by the Victoria County History of 1911 who have examined the Patent Rolls and similar state collections of deeds, royal letters and documents, such as Owen Manning and John Aubrey agree was by mistake.[2]

Ownership and late transactions

Copthorne was a royal hundred (to the extent its overarching overlordship affected the manors and common land), and remained in the hands of the Crown, though James I of England leased it for 21 years to Thomas Jenkins in 1617. In a subsidy roll of the 14th century it was said to be worth £47 15s. 6¼d. and with Effingham Half-Hundred the various land units within it were assessed in total for ship money at £136 16s. 4d. at the third such levy in 1636.

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