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Wentloog hundred shown within Monmouthshire

Wentloog is a hundred of Monmouthshire. It is also spelled Wentlloog or Wentllooge and alternatively known as Newport hundred.

It is situated in the western part of the county, bounded to the north by Brecknockshire; on the east by the hundreds of Abergavenny, Usk and Caldicot; on the south by the Bristol Channel, and on the west by Glamorganshire. Wentloog is an anglicisation of the Welsh-language Gwynllŵg, the name of the early kingdom and mediæval cantref.

Of all the hundreds of Monmouthshire, Wentloog surely encompasses the most contrasting scenery, from the flat Roman levels reclaimed from the Severn, to the upland valleys of Mynyddislwyn and Bedwellty. It comprises the most urbanised and industrialised parts of the county and indeed the urbanised upland continues across the border into the arguably more famous Glamorgan valleys. On the southern coastal belt are to be found portions of two cities: The western parts of Monmouthshire's own Newport and the eastern suburbs of Glamorgan's Cardiff.

It is the most populous of Monmouthshire's hundreds with a population of 237,525.

It contains the following ancient parishes:

*: Remainder in Glamorganshire.

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