Caldicot Hundred

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Caldicot hundred shown within Monmouthshire
Flat landscape at Redwick on the Caldicot Level

Caldicot is a hundred of Monmouthshire, named after the town of Caldicot, which it contains.

It is situated in the south-eastern part of the county, bounded on the north by the hundreds of Usk and Raglan; on the east by the River Wye, which forms the border with Gloucestershire; on the south by the Bristol Channel; and on the west by the hundred of Wentloog. Denny Island in the Bristol Channel belongs to Caldicot Hundred too.

The hundred has given its name to the Caldicot level, an area of low-lying estuarine alluvial wetland and intertidal mudflats adjoining the north bank of the Severn Estuary. Like Wentloog, this hundred contains many contrasted landscapes: The high lands of Wentwood, Devauden and Chepstow Park Wood boldly tower above the fertile marshes of Level and the flat meadows on the banks of the Wye. To the south are to be found the eastern suburbs of the city of Newport, as well as the towns of Caldicot and Chepstow.

It is the second-most populous of Monmouthshire's hundreds, with a population of 98,342.

It contains the following ancient parishes:

*: Partly in Usk Hundred.
: Porthcasseg in Raglan Hundred.

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