Rue Point Lighthouse

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Rue Point Lighthouse

County Antrim

Rathlin Island
Rue Point Lighthouse, Rathlin Island - - 550882.jpg
Rue Point Lighthouse
Grid reference: D15044721
Location: 55°15’32"N, 6°11’28"W
Height: 36 feet
Focal height: 52 feet
Range: 14 nautical miles
Built 1920-1921
Owned by: Commissioners of Irish Lights

Rue Point Lighthouse stands at the southern tip of Rathlin Island off the north coast of County Antrim, and thus marks the northern point of the two-and-a-half mile channel between the island and rough cliffs of the mainland. The lighthouse is owned and run by the Commissioners of Irish Lights.


The first light here was lit only on 19 November 1915, when the Commissioners erected a temporary white double flashing light for the Admiralty. The next year the Commissioners' Inspecting Committee recommended the building of a permanent lighthouse, but the cost could not be borne in time of war, so the light was simply supplemented with an acetylene fog gun as of 12 April 1917. The light was wrecked in a storm in November 1917, but the fog gun trestle was undamaged, so a light was hoisted on the trestle.

Though the temporary light was clearly unsatisfactory, and the Admiralty was keen for a higher repositioning of the light and fog signal, the money was not then available, and the project had to wait until 1920.

In 1920 work began to construct a new, permanent lighthouse, which was completed in 1921. The tower is six-sided, built of concrete. When built, it was given a water-to-carbide acetylene generator within the tower, with the light and fog gun positioned on the roof.

A wooden hut was provided also for the two lighthouse keepers.

The fog signal proved unreliable and was withdrawn on 1 January 1931. (The fog gun itself was though overhauled and it replaced the fog bell at Barr Point near Ferris Point at the entrance to Larne Lough.)

The lighthouse was converted electric light on 9 October 1965, running off 50 volt batteries charged with diesel engines. In 2004 though, a new optic was installed and the station connected run from mains electricity.

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