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The Wye Bridge at Hereford

The crossings of the River Wye include footbridges, road bridges, rail bridges, viaducts, ferries and a tunnel, found in their variety along the whole length of the river, 133 miles from its source to the River Severn.

There are some 15 Grade II listed bridges, just 1 Grade II* listed bridge and 3 Grade I listed bridges.

The Wye Bridge at Chepstow


Key to heritage status
Status Criteria
I Grade I listed. Bridge of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important
II* Grade II* listed. Particularly important bridge of more than special interest
II Grade II listed. Bridge of national importance and special interest

In order, moving downstream:

Crossing Location / co-ords Built Heritage
Locality Notes Refs Image
Y Drum Bridge 52°27’4"N, 3°43’37"W 1965 Pont Rhydgaled The first bridge over the Wye, 2 miles below it's source. A steel beam structure with a wooden deck, 33 feet long with two cylindrical columns mid-span. [1]
Pont Cefn-Brwyn 52°26’25"N, 3°43’22"W about 1910 Pont Rhygaled Built to serve the lead mines in Nant Iago. The bridge was strengthened in 1975 to allow road vehicles from the Institue of Hydrology to reach a weir upstream of the bridge. [1] Llangurig from the bridge over the Wye geograph-2085955-by-Bill-Boaden.jpg
Pont Rhydgaled 52°25’48"N, 3°42’24"W 1800[1] Pont Rhydgaled Carries A44 over river just above its confluence with the Afon Tarrenig. Close to Sweeter Still rally stage.
Nanty 52°25’26"N, 3°41’12"W 1992 A 3-span wooden footbridge built to replace an earlier structure. The Nanty Lead Mine was located here, but closed in 1867 - the bridge is also known as the Nanty Mine Bridge. [1] Llangurig from the bridge over the Wye geograph-2085955-by-Bill-Boaden.jpg
Footbridge 1992 The Wye Valley Walk footbridge Footbridge over the River Wye - - 552998.jpg
Waun Capel Parc footbridge 52°18’5"N, 3°30’54"W 1965 - Rhayader A single-span made of three continuous truss girders of welded steel, built by the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers. [1] Rhayader footbridge.jpg
Rhayader road bridge Carries the B4518 road. River Wye at Rhayader - - 1526695.jpg
Glyn Bridge Glyn Bridge Powys Wales.jpg
Llanwrthwl Bridge
Yr Allt Farm bridge Farm access
Newbridge-on-Wye Bridge
Brynwern Bridge
Builth Road Railway Bridge Near Builth Road railway station. Located on the Heart of Wales Line. Builth Road Wye Bridge.jpg
Wye Bridge, Builth Wells II Builth Wells Afon Gwy - River Wye - - 1376087.jpg
Erwood Bridge Erwood Carries the B4594 road. Erwood Bridge.jpg
Lady Milford's Bridge - Llanstephan Lady Milford's Bridge - - 383015.jpg
Boughrood Bridge II Boughrood, the bridge over the Wye - - 1365721.jpg
Glasbury Bridge Bridge at Glasbury.jpg
Hay Bridge Crossed over the river from Radnorshire to Brecknockshire as well as the currently closed Hereford, Hay and Brecon Railway. It is near the former Hay-on-Wye station which is on the southern side, in Herefordshire. Hay Bridge, Hay-on-Wye - - 583448.jpg
Whitney-on-Wye Railway Bridge Demolished on the former Hereford, Hay and Brecon Railway which is currently closed. River Wye west of Whitney Bridge - - 471032.jpg
Whitney-on-Wye toll bridge II Whitney-on-Wye Toll Bridge.jpg
Bredwardine Bridge II Bredwardine Bridge - - 91876.jpg
Bridge Sollers Bridge This bridge replaced one dating from 1896, it was opened in 2004. Wye River bridge Bridge Sollers - - 1506624.jpg
Hunderton Bridge - Hereford On the former Goods Line, part of the original Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway Hunderton Bridge - 1 - - 852813.jpg
Greyfriars bridge (A49 road) A49 road bridge over the Wye at Hereford - IMG 0088.JPG
Wye Bridge, Hereford I Late C15, widened 1826. Ashlar sandstone. 6 arches, 1

rebuilt C17; V-shaped cutwaters with refuges over; bands; chamfered ashlar coping.

Wye Bridge, Hereford - - 13799.jpg
Victoria Bridge II Footbridge over River Wye. c1897. Built by Findlay of Motherwell. Concrete piers with ashlar cutwaters; semi-suspension central span; lattice-work towers and parapets; terracotta piers with cast-iron lamp columns. Erected by public subscription to mark Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Victoria Footbridge - Hereford.jpg
Greenway Bridge - Rotherwas, Hereford Bridge links the Bartonsham and Rotherwas areas of Hereford. Greenway-Bridge-credit-David-Griffiths-Eye-Contact-Media-cropped.jpg
Eign Bridge - Rotherwas, Hereford Built as part of the Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railway which line is largely closed apart from the section here which is part of the Welsh Marches Line. Eign bridge, Hereford-geograph-5127534-by-John-Winder.jpg
Holme Lacy Bridge - The Holme Lacy Bridge - - 116064.jpg
Ballingham Railway Bridge 51°58’21"N, 2°37’39"W 1855-1859 Ballingham Carried the closed Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railway over the river, the bridge decking is demolished. [1] Ruined railway bridge over the Wye near Carey - - 331159.jpg
Hoarwithy Bridge - Hoarwithy Bridge - - 1356599.jpg
Sellack Suspension Bridge II Suspension Footbridge over the River Wye - - 462183.jpg
Foy Bridge - Foy suspension bridge over the river Wye - - 55552.jpg
Strangford Railway Bridge - Currently closed Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railway line. Decking spanning the river demolished. Disused rail bridge at Strangford over the River Wye - - 244569.jpg
Backney Railway Bridge - Currently closed Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railway line. Dismantled railway bridge - Backney - - 558261.jpg
Bridstow Bridge - Bridstow bridge, completed in 1960, carries the A40 trunk road over the river Wye near Ross-on-Wye. It is 353 fee long and comprises two cantilever sets and a suspended span. The Bridstow Bridge, Ross-on-Wye - - 100166.jpg
Wilton Bridge I An exceptionally fine stone bridge. In 1597 an Act was passed authorising its construction. It was completed within the next 2 years. 5 semicircular arches each with 3 ribs. Massive cutwaters on each side carried up and splayed back from the outer angle at parapet level forming semi-hexagonal refuges. At the point where the splay dies out is a moulded string which is mitred and carried up to the angle against the spandrils of the arches and then mitred and carried across to form a label above the arches. The voussoirs of the arches are chamfered and joggled and have various masons' marks. On upstream side the bridge has been widened but now the parapet has gone and been replaced by a wooden handrail. South East approach to bridge has been rebuilt in ashlar with 2 flights of stone steps to the river bank. The sundial, formerly in one of the refuges has gone and only the base of the pedestal remains. Wilton Bridge - - 1437878.jpg
Kerne Bridge II Road bridge. 1828 by B D Jones. Ashlar. Five-span bridge with large central arch flanked by graded arches each separated by triangular shaped cutwaters rising to pilaster buttresses, solid parapet. Kerne Bridge over the River Wye - - 1445894.jpg
Welsh Bicknor Railway Bridge - On the currently closed Ross and Monmouth Railway. The old railway bridge at Welsh Bicknor - - 70822.jpg
Huntsham Bridge II Huntsham Bridge - - 472055.jpg
Hand ferry at the Ye Old Ferrie Inn - Symonds Yat The Olde Ferry Inn - - 540640.jpg
Hand ferry at the Saracens Head Inn - Symonds Yat Chain ferry, River Wye - - 728162.jpg
Biblins Bridge - Site of Biblins Youth Campsite Biblins Bridge - - 733946.jpg
Wye Bridge, Monmouth II Built in 1617 Monmouth Wye Bridge - - 288963.jpg
Duke of Beaufort Bridge II Monmouth Troy Built in 1874. It is listed (as a historic structure) simply as the Railway Bridge, Monmouth. It carried the Ross and Monmouth Railway line. Still in use as a footpath. Duke of Beaufort Bridge.jpg
Monmouth Viaduct 51°48’16"N, 2°42’28"W - Monmouth Troy Bridge dismantled in 1967. It carried the Coleford, Monmouth, Usk & Pontypool Railway line. Part of the currently closed Wye Valley Railway line. Viaduct, River Wye, near Monmouth - - 1179644.jpg
Penallt Viaduct II Also known as, and listed as Redbrook Railway Bridge. Previously carried the Wye Valley Railway. Still in use as a footpath. The old railway bridge, Redbrook - - 604235.jpg
Bigsweir Bridge II* Carries the A466 road. Bigsweir Bridge.jpg
Brockweir Bridge II Designed by S.W. & A.L. Yockney of Victoria Street, Westminster. The contractors were E. Finch and Company of Chepstow. Brockweir quay and bridge.jpg
Tintern Railway Bridge Tintern station Demolished on the currently closed Wye Valley Railway south of Tintern railway station. Tintern Dismantled Railway Bridge - Southern Abutment - - 204771.jpg
Old Tramway Bridge II Listed as the Old Tramway Bridge (formerly Wireworks Bridge), but also known as the Tintern Footbridge. Previously carried the Tintern Wireworks Branch, now a footbridge. Tintern Old Tramway Bridge.jpg
Old Wye Bridge, Chepstow 52°29’19"N, 3°43’36"W I Chepstow Carries the B4228 road. Bridge over Wye - - 682946.jpg
A48 bridge 52°29’13"N, 3°43’20"W - Chepstow Carries the A48 road. A48 bridge on River Wye at Chepstow.jpg
Chepstow Railway Bridge 52°28’53"N, 3°42’58"W II Chepstow Built in 1852 as part of the South Wales Railway. It also brought the currently closed Wye Valley Railway into Chepstow station. It now carries the Gloucester to Newport Line. River Wye Railway bridge at Chepstow.jpg
M48 Wye Bridge 52°28’22"N, 3°42’5"W II Tidenham and Chepstow Built in 1966, it carries the M4 motorway between Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire. River Wye estuary and M48 Wye road bridge.jpg
Severn-Wye Cable Tunnel 51°36’40"N, 2°40’9"W - BeachleyAust The tunnel is 156 feet deep, with a diameter of 10 feet and a total length of 2.3 miles.[2] The tunnel carries two 400 kV circuits, each with three cables. The tunnel is owned by npower. Pylons - - 190588.jpg
Aust Severn Powerline Crossing 51°36’21"N, 2°38’29"W - Longest powerline span in the UK at 1 mile Aust Ferry First Severn Road Bridge under construction geograph-2211848-by-Ben-Brooksbank.jpg

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