Wootton Hundred

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Wootton hundred in Oxfordshire

Wootton Hundred is one of the hundreds of Oxfordshire. It is situated in the north-west of the county, bounded to the north by Bloxham Hundred and Northamptonshire; to the east by Ploughley Hundred; to the south-east by Bullingdon Hundred; to the south by Berkshire; to the south-west by Bampton Hundred; and to the west by Chadlington Hundred and a detached part of Banbury Hundred. Including those parts of the city of Oxford between the Rivers Thames and Cherwell it had a population of 96,759 in 2011.

It comprises the ancient parishes of:

*: Extends into Berkshire.

Hundreds of Oxfordshire

Bampton • Banbury • Binfield • Bloxham • Bullingdon • Chadlington • Dorchester • Ewelme • Langtree • Lewknor • Ploughley • Pyrton • Thame • Wootton (including Oxford)