Banbury Hundred

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Banbury hundred in Oxfordshire

Banbury Hundred is one of the hundreds of Oxfordshire, named after the town of Banbury, which it contains. It is situated in the north of the county, bounded to the north-west by Warwickshire; to the north-east and east by Northamptonshire; and to the south and west by Bloxham Hundred. It has two detached parts, one to the south-west, and one to the south between Chadlington and Wootton Hundreds. It had a population of 36,201 in 2011.

It comprises the ancient parishes of:

*: Charlbury, Fawler, Finstock and Walcot townships. Remainder in Chadlington hundred.
: Mollington in Bloxham hundred, and also extends into Warwickshire.
: Sibford Gower and Sibford Ferris in Bloxham hundred.

Hundreds of Oxfordshire

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