Ploughley Hundred

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Ploughley hundred in Oxfordshire

Ploughley Hundred is one of the hundreds of Oxfordshire. It is situated in the north-east of the county, bounded to the north by Northamptonshire; to the east by Buckinghamshire; to the south-east by Bullingdon Hundred; and to the west by Wootton Hundred. The hundred also has some detached parts of the border of Pyrton and Ewelme Hundreds. Unlike most of the other Oxfordshire hundreds, which were named after vills, Ploughley took its name from a barrow in Fritwell parish in the extreme north-west of the hundred.[1]

It comprises the ancient parishes of:

*: Detached part of Buckinghamshire, locally in Ploughley Hundred.
: Detached part of Ploughley Hundred and County of Oxford, locally in Buckinghamshire.

The hundred had a population of 39,339 in 2011, rising to 46,410 if detached parts are disregarded.


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