Offlow Hundred

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Offlow Hundred in Staffordshire

Offlow Hundred is one of the hundreds of Staffordshire, located in the south-east of the county. It is bounded to the south by Warwickshire; and to the north and east by Derbyshire. It has boundaries with all the other hundreds of Staffordshire: to the north-west by Totmonslow Hundred; to the west by Pirehill and Cuttlestone Hundreds and to the south-west by Seisdon Hundred. It is the most populous of the hundreds, with a population of 872,183 in 2011, falling slightly to 871,973 if detached parts are disregarded.

It comprises the ancient parishes of:

*: Extends into Derbyshire.
: Extends into Derbyshire detached in Leicestershire.
: Extends into Warwickshire.
§: Extends into Seisdon and Cuttlestone Hundreds.

Hundreds of Staffordshire

Cuttlestone • Offlow (including Lichfield) • Pirehill (including Newcastle and Stafford) • Seisdon • Totmonslow