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Halfshire Hundred in Worcestershire

Halfshire is a hundred in the north of Worcestershire adjacent to Staffordshire and Warwickshire. The north of the hundred forms a large part of the Birmingham and west Midlands conurbation. Stretching from Stourbridge in the west to Yardley in the east, it includes the detached part of Worcestershire containing Dudley. It is the most populous of the hundreds, with a population in 2011 of 762,570, rising to 811,908 if detached parts are disregarded.

It comprises the ancient parishes of:

*: Atch Lench and Sheriff's Lench in Blackenhurst hundred.
: Remainder in detached part of Shropshire.
: Extends into Staffordshire.
§: Tutnall and Cobley hamlet in Warwickshire.

Additionally, the parishes of Broome and Clent form a detached part of Staffordshire, and the hamlet of Tutnall and Cobley forms a detached part of Warwickshire, locally situated in Halfshire.

Hundreds of Worcestershire

Blackenhurst (including Evesham) • Doddingtree • Halfshire (including Droitwich) • Oswaldslow (including Worcester) • Pershore