Craggy Island

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Craggy Island

South Shetland Islands
(British Antarctic Territory)

Desolation Group from Livingston: Craggy Island (R)

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Location: 62°27’43"S, 60°17’37"W
Area: 22 acres

Craggy Island is a narrow island amongst the South Shetland Islands in the British Antarctic Territory. It is marked by crags, hence its name, and lies in Hero Bay of Livingston Island, forming the northeast side of Blythe Bay. The surface area of Craggy Island is just 22 acres.[1]) The area was frequented by early nineteenth century British and American sealers operating from Blythe Bay.

The isle was charted and named descriptively by Discovery Investigations in 1935.


The island is 1,000 yards east-southeast of Desolation Island, five miles west-southwest of Williams Point, a mile and a half north by east of Wood Island and 7.3 miles northeast of Siddins Point (British mapping in 1821, 1935, 1948 and 1968 and Bulgarian in 2005 and 2009).


"Craggy Island" is the name given to the fictional island on the west coast of Ireland where the sitcom Father Ted is set. The rival island appearing in a number episodes is Rugged Island – and there is also a genuine Rugged Island amongst the South Shetland Islands.

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