Clarence Island

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Clarence Island

South Shetland Islands
(British Antarctic Territory)


Clarence among the South Shetland Islands

Location: 61°12’0"S, 54°4’59"W
Highest point: Mount Irving, 7,546 feet

Clarence Island is 12 miles long and the easternmost of the South Shetland Islands, within the British Antarctic Territory. The name dates back to at least 1821 and is now established in international usage.

Ernest Shackleton saw Clarence Island on his famous boat voyage but landed on Elephant Island.

Mount Irving, 7,546 feet high, rises 2 miles north of Cape Bowles, the southernmost point.

There are two small islands a mile east of Clarence Island; the northern one is named Sugarloaf Island, at 61°10’59"S, 54°0’0"W. Chinstrap Cove lies on the northwest coast of the island.

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