Orior Lower

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Orior Lower

Orior Lower is a barony in County Armagh.[1] It lies in the east of the county and borders County Down with its eastern boundary. It is bordered by seven other baronies: Fews Upper to the south-west; Fews Lower to the west; Oneilland West to the north-west; Oneilland East to the north; Iveagh Lower, Lower Half (Co. Down) to the north-east; Iveagh Upper, Upper Half (Co. Down) to the east; and Orior Upper to the south. A small enclave of Orior Lower resides in the east of Orior Upper.[1] The name is from the Irish Airthir, the name of an ancient Gaelic territory.[2][3]

List of main settlements

Below is a list of settlements within Orior Lower:[4]


Villages and population centres

  • Eleven Lane Ends
  • Forkhill
  • Jerrettspass
  • Laurelvale
  • Loughgilly (also part in the baronies of Fews Lower and Orior Upper)

List of parishes

Below is a list of parishes in Orior Lower:[5][6]

  • Ballymore
  • Forkill
  • Killevy (split with barony of Orior Upper)
  • Kilmore (split with barony of Oneilland West, not be confused with separate civil parish of Kilmore in County Down)
  • Loughgilly (split with baronies of Fews Upper and Orior Upper)