Fews Upper

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Fews Upper

Fews Upper is a barony in County Armagh.[1] It lies in the south of the county bordering the Republic of Ireland with its southern and south-western borders. It is bordered by four other baronies in Northern Ireland: Armagh to the west; Fews Lower to the north and west; Orior Lower to the north-west; and Orior Upper to the east.[1] It also borders three baronies in the Republic of Ireland: Cremorne to the west; Dundalk Upper to the south; and Farney to the south-west. The name is from the Irish Feá/Feadha, meaning "the woods".[2][3][4]

Geographical features

The Fews Mountains run through both Fews Lower and Upper, with the ranges highest peak, Carrigatuke (also known as Armaghbrague Mountain), standing at 1,200 ft., located in Fews Lower.[5] The County Water and Clarbane River both flow through Fews Upper. The Ballynacarry Bridge crosses the River Fane which is on the border between County Armagh and County Monaghan.[6][7]

List of settlements

Below is a list of settlements in Fews Upper:[6]


Villages and population centres

List of parishes

Below is a list of parishes in Fews Upper:[8][9]