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Yarlside Crag on Great Yarlside

The Wasdale Horseshoe is a route over a group of hills in the centre of Westmorland, running over the Shap Fells on the eastern fringe of the Lake District, to the west of the A6, south of Shap Village. The tops on the Horseshoe surround the valley of Wasdale Beck, a tributary of Birk Beck and ultimately of the River Lune.

The horseshoe is the subject of a chapter of Alfred Wainwright's book The Outlying Fells of Lakeland.[1] (This Wasdale should not be confused with the better known Wasdale, containing Wast Water, to the west in Cumberland.)

Wainwright's clockwise walk starts from the highest point of the A6 at 1,400 feet. The summits reached are:

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