High Seat, Yorkshire

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High Seat
Yorkshire, Westmorland
The escarpment of Mallerstang Edge - High Seat is away to the right.
Range: Pennines
Summit: 2,328 feet NY802012
54°24’22"N, 2°18’18"W

High Seat is a fell on the border of the North Riding of Yorkshire with Westmorland, between Birkdale in Yorkshire and the dale of Mallerstang in Westmorland. With a summit at 2,328 feet, it is one of the highest of the fells above the Yorkshire Dales. High Seat is in the north-western part of the Dales area, overlooking the deep trench which is Mallerstang, and is usually climbed from this side.

To the south-east is Hugh Seat (whose summit is marked by Lady Anne's Pillar, commemorating Sir Hugh de Morville). On the opposite (western) side of Mallerstang is Wild Boar Fell, the more striking fell though six feet lower.

Though not the highest of the Pennines, High Seat is the highest point on the main east-to-west watershed of the Pennines, the higher fells being some distance from the watershed.

Three great rivers have their origins within a mile of each other in the peat bogs here: the River Eden (which flows west to the Solway Firth, the River Swale, and the River Ure (which both flow east, to the Humber).

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