Wirksworth Hundred

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Wirksworth Hundred in Derbyshire

Wirksworth Hundred is one of the hundreds of Derbyshire, named after the town of Wirksworth, which it contains. It corresponds to the southern part of the Peak district, as distinct from High Peak, corresponding to High Peak Hundred. It is situated in the west of the county, bounded to the west by Cheshire; to the south-west by Staffordshire; to the south by Appletree Hundred; and to the east by Scarsdale Hundred. It is the least-populous of the hundreds, with a population of 35,801 in 2011.

It comprises the ancient parishes of:

*: Clifton and Compton in Morleston and Litchurch Hundred. Sturston in Appletree Hundred.
: Mostly in Scarsdale Hundred.
: Partly in Appletree Hundred.
§: Remainder in Morleston and Litchurch Hundred.
: Mostly in High Peak Hundred.

Hundreds of Derbyshire

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