Nuneham Railway Bridge

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Nuneham Railway Bridge
Oxfordshire, Berkshire
Nuneham Railway Bridge from downstream
Carrying: Cherwell Valley Line
Crossing: River Thames
Location: 51°40’10"N, 1°14’27"W
Built 1929

Nuneham Railway Bridge is a railway bridge across the River Thames near the town of Abingdon. It carries the Cherwell Valley railway line between Didcot and Oxford between Abingdon Lock and Sandford Lock. The line crosses the Thames three times, firstly by means of the Appleford Railway Bridge between Appleford in Berkshire and Culham in Oxfordshire. The Nuneham bridge takes the railway back into Berkshire at Radley, before crossing once again into Oxfordshire at Oxford.

The current bridge was built in 1929 and has also been called the Black Bridge. It replaced an earlier wooden bridge built in 1844.

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