Newark Wapentake

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Newark Wapentake in Nottinghamshire

Newark Wapentake is one of the wapentakes of Nottinghamshire, in the east of the county, adjacent to the border with Lincolnshire. It is bounded by Thurgarton Wapentake to the west; by Bingham Wapentake to the south; and by Lincolnshire to the east and north.

It comprises the ancient parishes of:

*: East Stoke was listed in Thurgarton wapentake in census reports, with a footnote that it was sometimes attributed to Bingham or Newark wapentakes.
: Flawford is partly in Boothby Graffoe wapentake, Lincolnshire.

Wapentakes of Nottinghamshire

Bassetlaw • Bingham • Broxtow (including Nottingham) • Newark • Rushcliffe • Thurgarton