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Broxtow Wapentake in Nottinghamshire

Broxtow is one of the wapentakes or hundreds of Nottinghamshire, in the west of the county, adjacent to the border with Derbyshire. It is bounded by Bassetlaw to the north-east; by Thurgarton Wapentake to the east; by Rushcliffe top the south; and by Derbyshire to the west and north-west. Including the Nottingham parishes, it is the most populous of the wapentakes, with a population of 616,784 in 2011.

It comprises the ancient parishes of:

Additionally, a small part of the parish of Pinxton (otherwise in Derbyshire) around Brookhill Hall and Farm extends into Nottinghamshire and Broxtow.

Wapentakes of Nottinghamshire

Bassetlaw • Bingham • Broxtow (including Nottingham) • Newark • Rushcliffe • Thurgarton