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Glenfaba Sheading

Glenfaba is one of the six sheadings of the Isle of Man, located on the west side of the island. Its name is pronounced "Glen FAY ba".

It is located on the west of the island and consists of the ancient parishes of German, Marown and Patrick. The sheading of Glenfaba includes the town of Peel. Other settlements in the sheading include St John's in the parish of German (home of the Tynwald Day ceremony), Braaid, Crosby and Glen Vine (all in the parish of Marown), and Dalby, Foxdale, Glen Maye and Niarbyl (all in the parish of Patrick).


The first mention of Glenfaba may be in a bull of Pope Gregory IX in 1231. The origin of the name is not known, but may be connected with that of the river Neb.[1]


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