Dengie Peninsula

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Port Moor Cottage near North Fambridge

Dengie is a peninsula in Essex, that also forms a hundred of the county; the Dengie Hundred.

The peninsula is formed by the River Crouch to the south, the Blackwater to the north, both of which are tidal, and the North Sea to the east. The western boundary of the Dengie Hundred runs from North Fambridge to a little west of Maldon.

At the time of Domesday, the hundred was known as the Witbrictesherna (Wibrihtesherne) Hundred.[1]

The eastern part of the peninsula against the North Sea is marshy: the Dengie Marshes have been declared a Special Protection Area.

Places on the peninsula include:

St Peter-on-the-Wall, Bradwell, at the tip of the peninsula

Farming on the Dengie Peninsula

The soil on the Dengie Peninsula is very rich, with a normally mild winter.

The Dengie Peninsula is has some of the oldest and largest vineyards in Britain, including:

  • Clayhill Vineyard[2]
  • New Hall Vineyard[3]


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