Beezley Falls

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Beezley Falls
Beezley Falls in Baxenghyll Gorge, Yorkshire - geograph-4728504.jpg
The Beezley Falls
River: River Doe
Co-ordinates: 54°10’3"N, 2°27’10"W

Beezley Falls are a beautiful series of waterfalls on the River Doe in the West Riding of Yorkshire. This is one of a number of waterfalls in a short space on the Doe, the Beezley Falls being just above the river's descent into Baxenghyll Gorge, which the Doe carves through the rocky landscape north of Ingleton.

There are two sections to the waterfall; the main drop followed by the Triple Spout.

Downstream of the Beezley Falls and within the gorge are the Snow Falls.

The falls are on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail which visits the nearby falls on the Doe and the Twiss.

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