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A County day is a day on which a particular county may be celebrated. In particular it is a day on which to celebrate the cultural heritage of the County. These are relatively recent observances, and few counties have established county days.

A County Day may be established with a view to celebrate the County generally or out of a desire to protect heritage being lost, and there is no one way to mark the day. County days are often selected to coincide with the observance of a Saint's Day from the church calendar or another date which has some local significance.

County Date First observed Origin
Cornwall (St Piran's Day) 5 March 1900 (approx.) Previously a local holiday, revived in later years
Huntingdonshire Day 25 April 2002 Oliver Cromwell's birthday.

Founded by the Huntingdonshire Society[1]

Staffordshire Day 1 May n/a Anniversary of the founding of Josiah Wedgewood and Sons.
Somerset Day 11 May 2015 Battle of Eddington
Middlesex Day 16 May 2003 (approx.) The Battle of Albuhera, 1811[2]
Sussex Day (St Richard's Day) 16 June 2007 Feast day of St Richard of Chichester.

Created by Sussex First and adopted by local councils[3]

Hampshire (St Swithun's Day) 15 July 2019 Feast day of St Swithun, patron saint of Winchester Cathedral.
Yorkshire Day 1 August 1975 The Battle of Minden (1759).

Created by the Yorkshire Ridings Society

Nottinghamshire Day 25 August 2021 Agreed by Lord Lieutenant and Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
Gloucestershire Day 21 September 2020 The end of the 1643 Civil War siege of Gloucester.
Monmouthshire Day 25 September 2013 The feast day of St Cadoc[4]
Oxfordshire Day 19 October n/a St Frideswide's Day
Northamptonshire Day 25 October n/a St Crispin's Day
Essex Day 26 October n/a St Cedd's Day
Lancashire Day 27 November 1996 The date on which the first members were summoned to Parliament from the county.

Created by The Friends of Real Lancashire

Caernarfonshire Day 28 November n/a Death of Owain Gwynedd