The Indians

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The Indians, with Tortola behind

The Indians are a small archipelago of uninhabitable islets in the British Virgin Islands. They lie at the end of the chain of the 'Little Sisters', just to the west of Pelican Island (a small island in the British Virgin Islands) and east of Flanagan Island, a small island of the US Virgin Islands.

The main British island, Tortola, is further to the north across the Francis Drake Channel; the closest island of any size is the American St John Island: the sea border is drawn a thousand yards or so west of The Indians.

They were so named because from a distance they were though to resemble a Red Indian head-dress.

The Indians are the second most popular dive site in the British Virgin Islands, after the wreck of the RMS Rhone. The shallower areas of the Indians are also a popular snorkelling site and the area has several mooring balls for day use.


The British Virgin Islands

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