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Nanny Cay is an island of the British Virgin Islands. It is made up of three cays originally known as Big Cay, Little Cay and Miss Peggy Cay.[1] In the 1970s these were consolidated into a single land mass for a marina and resort development. It is connected to Tortola by a short bridge. A marina, hotel, restaurants, condominiums and townhouses have now been built on Nanny Cay.

It also holds a minor footnote in legal history, having been the subject of a receivership for over 12 years during the 1980s and 1990s, and is the longest ever receivership in the history of Barclays Bank PLC.[1] The current owners, Cameron McColl and John McCoach, purchased it from Barclays.[1]

Today, Nanny Cay has a marina and boatyard which has berths for 180 motor cruisers and yachts and two boat lifts of 50 and 70 tons capacity with storage for 200 boats. It also includes a 40-room hotel and new waterfront townhouses for purchase and rental, two restaurants, a small supermarket, shops and boutiques, a dive shop, a water sports center, and a gym and spa.[1]



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