Mosquito Island

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Mosquito Island.

Mosquito Island (sometimes spelled Moskito Island) is an island off the coast of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

The island has long been a favourite for scuba divers and sailors. For many years the island was the location of a sail-in dive resort named Drake's Anchorage. Sir Richard Branson bought the island in 2007 for £10 million.[1]

Branson announced recently that he plans to relocate ring-tailed lemurs from some zoos in Canada, Sweden, and South Africa to the island. Later relocations of red ruffed lemurs and possibly sifakas may follow. The announced plans were met with some criticism.[1]

The island is located on the west side of Gorda Sound adjacent to Virgin Gorda and near Necker Island, which is also owned by Branson.


On old nautical charts of the British Virgin Islands, the island's name is often spelled "Moskito" (possibly as an older spelling of "mosquito"). Although modern charts usually spell the island "Mosquito" Island, and the Land Registry of the British Virgin Islands titles the island as "Mosquito" Island, Richard Branson has expressed a preference for "Moskito" Island, and most of the publicity material relating to his development has used that spelling.

Bert Kilbride, owner of Moskito Island 1960 - 1970 and the original builder/operator of Drakes Anchorage, always said it was spelled MOSKITO after the Miskito Indians that traveled through the Caribbean Islands from South or Central America: their name is usually spelled 'Miskito', though their homeland on the Central American Coast is known as the 'Mosquito Coast'.



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