Pelican Island

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Pelican Island

Little Sisters
(British Virgin Islands)

Pelican Island, BVI.JPG
Pelican Island

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Location: 18°19’59"N, 64°37’33"W

Pelican Island is an uninhabited island in the southwestern corner of the British Virgin Islands. It lies at the very western end of the islands known as the Little Sisters, immediately to the north of Norman Island and south-west of Peter Island. Just to the east lies Flanagan Island, one of the United States Virgin Islands.

The rocky cliffs on the south-western face of the island plunge into the sea, The National Park moorings make it a popular snorkeling and dive site. It is perfectly possible to land a boat on the other sides of the island, although there is not much to see.

In some older charts, Pelican Island is referred to as Witch Island, as is Flanagan Island. This confusion may be connected to a pre-1977 lack of clarification as to whether Flanagan formed part of the Danish (now US) islands, or the British Virgin Islands.

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