Sea of the Hebrides

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Map if Hebrides and the Minch

The Sea of the Hebrides is the sea off the coast of western Scotland, separating mainland Great Britain and the northern isles of the Inner Hebrides (to the east) from the southern islands of the Outer Hebrides to the west.

To the north, the Isle of Skye juts out towards the Outer Hebrides and constricts the seaway into the Little Minch, which thus marks the northern end of the Sea of the Hebrides.[1]

Eigg from Ardnamuchan Point

The edges of the sea are on some of the finest islands in the British Isles; Skye to the north, North Uist, South Uist and Barra to the west, the delightful Small Isles to the east and Mull and ancient Iona to the southeast, while Coll and Tiree stretch out within the sea itself.

Rock west of Staffa

The International Hydrographic Organization classifies the Sea of the Hebrides as part of "the Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland",[2] and it is part of "the Seas west of Scotland" as far as fisheries management is concerned.


Vatersay from Barra