River Calder, Wyre

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The River Calder, near its source
The River Calder in its upper reaches

The River Calder is the main tributary of the River Wyre in Lancashire.

The river rises near Fiendsdale Head on Bleasdale Moors, at the edge of the Forest of Bowland, its headwaters coming from the very edge of the border with Yorkshire. Many hillside brooks unite on the moor and the river flows down off the moor through the villages of Oakenclough and Calder Vale before passing under the M6 motorway, West Coast Main Line and Lancaster Canal.

The Calder discharges itself into the Wyre at Catterall, just south of the town of Garstang.



  • Little Calder River
  • Nanny Brook
  • Calder Dyke
  • East Grain
  • North Grain