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House on Hascosay - geograph.org.uk - 1470084.jpg
House on Hascosay, with the hills of Fetlar beyond
Location: 60°37’0"N, 0°58’60"W
Grid reference: HU556930
Area: 680 acres
Highest point: 98 feet
Population: 0

Hascosay is a small island lying between Yell and Fetlar in Shetland. It is 680 acres; about a square mile.

The island's rock is coarse micaceous gneiss.[1] It has several pools, but the fresh water in them is frequently contaminated by salt spray.


The population of the island was 42 in 1841, but had shrunk to thirteen within a decade. A mere twenty years later, the island was uninhabited. The laird, Arthur Nicholson, who had bought it had "cleared" parts of Fetlar, and it is possible that the islanders removed themselves in anticipation of a possible future forcible eviction by this landowner.[1]


The island is designated as a Special Area of Conservation on account of its largely undisturbed blanket bog habitat. It is also home to a population of otters.


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