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Fossoway parish church in Crook of Devon.

Fossoway or Fossaway is a parish chiefly in Perthshire, but partly in Kinross-shire, containing the villages of Blairingone, Crook of Devon, and Carnbo, and comprising the ancient parishes of Fossoway and Tulliebole, united in about 1614.

It is bounded to the north by Dunning; to the north-east by Orwell; to the east by Kinross; to the south-east by Cleish; to the south by Saline in Fife; to the south-west by Clackmannan and Dollar in Clackmannanshire; and to the west by Muckhart and Glendevon. The civil parish is slightly smaller than its ancient extent, as part up to the River Devon was given to Glendevon in 1892.

Its length, from east-north-east to west-south-west, varies between 2¼ and 8¾ miles; its utmost breadth, from north to south, is 5½ miles; and its area is 17,356½ acres, of which 6,904¼ belong to Kinross-shire.

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