East Gill Force

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East Gill Force
East Gill Force, Keld.jpg
The lower fall of East Gill Force
River: East Gill
Fall: 25 feet
Co-ordinates: 54°24’22"N, 2°9’42"W

East Gill Force is a waterfall in Swaledale, within the North Riding of Yorkshire. It is found on the East Gill, 350 yards east of the hamlet of Keld, all in the Yorkshire Dales

The water of the gill tumbles over these falls just above the point where the stream joins the River Swale, at the point where the Pennine Way and the Coast to Coast Walk intersect. The falls are a popular spot for visitors, not just long-distance walkers but also families and picnickers because of the proximity of the road.

East Gill Force has two main torrents: the upper falls have an impressive 15 feet in drop whilst the lower section is a series of stepped cascades that fall 10 feet as the East Gill enters the River Swale.

East Gill Force is one of four waterfalls in the Keld area, the others being Kisdon Force, Catrake Force and Wain Wath Force, each occur where its river cuts a gorge through the carboniferous limestone between the hills of Kisdon and Rogan's Seat. The falls are surrounded by deciduous, broadleaved woodland.