Kisdon Force

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Kisdon Force
Kisdon Force.jpg
Kisdon Force
River: River Swale
Fall: 33 feet
Co-ordinates: 54°24’14"N, 2°9’26"W

Kisdon Force is a series of waterfalls on the River Swale in Swaledale, in the North Riding of Yorkshire. The falls are to be found within the Yorkshire Dales just 500 yards downstream of the small hamlet of Keld.

Kisdon Force is one of several waterfalls on the Swale in the Keld area, the others being East Gill Force, Catrake Force and Wain Wath Force: all occur where the river cuts a gorge through the Carboniferous limestone between the hills of Kisdon and Rogan's Seat.

Both upper and lower Kisdon Force can be negotiated by canoeists, although a high degree of skill and experience is needed. The upper falls are rated Grade IV whilst the lower falls are rated more difficult at Grade V.[1]

Kisdon Force after a night of rain

The falls drop 33 feet[2] over two cascades.

The falls are are surrounded by Kisdon Force Woods, a Site of Special Scientific Interest covering an area of 94 acres, which consists of mixed broad-leaved woodland with ash, wych elm and rowan dominating. In the spring primroses grow profusely in the area.[3]

The falls can be easily visited by a riverside path from Keld. However care should be taken since the stones around the falls are often wet and slippery. Visitor numbers to the falls are swollen by walkers along the Pennine Way, a long-distance footpath that passes the falls on its way north.


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