Beinn Dearg, Perthshire

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Beinn Dearg
The Atholl Beinn Dearg - - 1596357.jpg
Beinn Dearg
Range: Tarf and Tilt Hills
Summit: 3,307 feet NN852777
56°52’36"N, 3°53’2"W

Beinn Dearg is a mountain in the Atholl region of Perthshire, amongst the Tarf and Tilt Hills of the Grampian Mountains. It which reaches a height of 3,307 feet at its summit, and so it qualifies as a Munro.

This is a remote, solitary mountain, standing to the north of Glen Bruar. It is the most western Munro in this section and typical of the Grampian Munros in that its rock has weathered into a pleasant rounded summit, which presents the high point on an elongated summit plateau running from south-west to north-east.

Beinn Dearg has to subsidiary tops north-east of the main summit along a ridge from it. Another ridge, running south from the summit, peaks at a third subsidiary top before a steep drop to the valley floor.


The most popular routes of ascent are up the steep south ridge, and up the western face of the mountain, from Glen Bruar. Neither is easy in terms of rates of ascent. Both offer small amounts of crags but nothing too technical.

Beinn Dearg is a remote Munro with a long walk in from any direction. The most common approach is from the south at the Falls of Bruar just off the A9. There is a long walk in through Glen Bruar to either of the above-mentioned ascent points but there is the option of cycling some of the distance.

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