Wauchope Forest

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A firebreak in the Wauchope Forest

Wauchope Forest is a large, planted forest in Roxburghshire, overspreading the northern fells of the Cheviot Hills. It is at the head of Liddesdale – the Liddel Water rises at the edge of the forest. It is the source too of the Rule Water and of the Jed Water: several of the burns which severally unite to create those rivers rise within the forest, amongst the largest of the former being the Wauchope Burn.

The forest is to be found to the south of Hawick, spreading either side of the B6357, which links Bonchester Bridge and Newcastleton. Its area passed by the A6088 and the A68. Villages at its edge include Newcastleton, Bonchester Bridge, Hobkirk, Southdean, Hyndlee, Carter Bar, Abbotrule, Chesters.

To the south, across the Cheviot ridge that marks the Northumberland border, is the Kielder Forest, the woodland having no break between the two, and to the south-east, still in Roxburghshire, the Newcastleton Forest, which also runs unbroken into Kielder: all threee are owned by the Forestry Commission.

The forest is a dense, mixed woodland with a delight of wildlife, including deer, red squirrels and goshawks.

The B6357 through the Wauchope Forest

Leisure and access

Wauchope Forest is managed by the Forestry Commission for forestry and public leisure. To encourage the latter purpose, the forest is criss-crossed with trails for walking, cycling and horse riding.

The walking trail provide access to the nature thriving in the forest and to open areas with broad views over the Cheviots. Its neighbouring forests to the south, Kielder and Newcastleton, have ample leisure opportunities too, including sailing on Kielder Water and mountain biking in Newcastleton.

Access is on to the B6357 which runs through the middle of the Wauchope Forest: the first acces point is at Hells Hole.

The Wheel Causeway within the forest

The Wheel Causeway, an ancient road dating back at least to the thirteenth century,[1] runs through the midst of the forest.

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