Stockton Ward

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Stockton Ward in County Durham

Stockton Ward is one of the Wards of County Durham, located in the south-east of the county. It is named after the town of Stockton-on-Tees which it contains. It is bounded to the south by Yorkshire; to the west by Darlington Ward; to the north by Chester Ward; and to the north by Easington Ward. In 2011, Stockton Ward has a population of 250,447, rising to 250,855 if Craykeshire is included.

It comprises the following ancient parishes:

*: Extends into Easington Ward.
: Extends into Darlington Ward.
: Extends into Yorkshire.

Additionally, the parish of Crayke forms a detached part of the Ward, and County of Durham, locally situated in Yorkshire.

Wards of County Durham

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