Shifford Lock Cut Footbridge

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Shifford Lock Cut Footbridge
Shifford Lock Cut Bridge - - 379511.jpg
Shifford Lock Cut Footbridge
Type: footbridge
Carrying: Footpath
Crossing: Shifford Lock Cut
Grid reference: SP36680083
Location: 51°42’18"N, 1°28’14"W
Type: footbridge

Shifford Lock Cut Footbridge is a wooden footbridge which crosses the Shifford Lock Cut, a half-mile channel in south-western Oxfordshire made in 1898 to enable boats to pass the shallow meander in the River Thames here. The bridge give twelve feet of clearance.[1]

The bridge carries a footpath which joins two hamlets on either side of the river: Chimney in Oxfordshire (just west of the bridge) and Duxford in Berkshire to the south. The path to Duxford requires crossing a ford across the Thames.

The original bridge was built at the same time as the cut was made, in 1898.

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