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The Norwood Ridge is a landmark ridge in the south of the metropolitan conurbation, forming part of the border between Surrey and Kent.[1] It is situated approximately five miles south of central London and runs for approximately three miles in a north-easterly direction. It runs from Selhurst in the south, to Forest Hill in the north. It is a ridge of London Clay capped in places with gravel deposits known as the Claygate Beds.[2]

It includes Sydenham Hill and Crystal Palace and also parts of Dulwich and Upper Norwood. The upper parts of the ridge average a little above 360 ft, offering views across London.

The northern slopes feed the River Effra, and the southern slopes the Pool River.

It is the location of two prominent transmitting towers, Crystal Palace transmitting station and Croydon transmitting station.

To the south, lower layers of the London Clay and Palaeocene deposits lie between the ridge and the dip slope of the North Downs.

The area has in the past had brick fields and has many railway tunnels.


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