River Pool, Kent

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The River Pool in Lower Sydenham

The River Pool is a tributary of the River Ravensbourne in metropolitan Kent, just three miles in length.

The river rises in a number of streams between Shirley, Surrey and West Wickham in Kent. It then flows northwards through Beckenham and Sydenham, to join the Ravensbourne in Catford. Two of its tributaries are the River Beck and the Chaffinch Brook.

For much of its length the river lies in a floodplain. Land on either side is given up to sports grounds and a flood watch is kept continually on it.

In New Beckenham, the River Pool Walkway, running north from Lennard Road near Cator Park, includes a conservation site and naturalised areas; the route is part of the National Cycle Network. At Sydenham, the section of the river that ran in a culvert under the gas works has been recently opened up, and landscaped.


In June 2009, the then Mayor of London (Boris Johnson) fell into the River Pool while promoting volunteering to clean up the river.[1]

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